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In our summer issue, we're talking style. The way you do things, your MO. Your style is what sets you apart and makes you perfect for whatever task you're up for. How do we find our style? And once we do, how to we understand it and let it shine through the work that we do? We talked to artists and brand experts to give you advice to maneuver through your unique style.

Includes stories with:
- Margaret Lipsey on finding her style in art and making it a career,
- Erin McClure, on letting your voice shine,
- Blakey Bessire, the first installment of the teen interview series by Beatrice Helman,
- Nicole Wood, on authenticity in dreams,
- and Talha A. Khawaja, on the perspective-changing experience of traveling to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

July 2017

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First edition print. 5.5" by 8.5" size, 40 pages of quality ideas and advice.