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#5 Endurance

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In our spring issue, we explore the time between setting a goal and completing it. The excitement of starting may have worn off but the work you've put in has yet to create substantial results. How do you keep going? We asked artists and a variety of smart people about their experiences, advice, and how they endure.

Includes stories with:
- Amanda Brown on new chapters in life,
- Hailey Lamb, an artist,
- Elizabeth Rebecca on mental health resolutions and tips,
- Beatrice Helman on her perspective-changing experience,
- Aliah Showkatian and her short story,
- Nabeela Parkar aka Miss Artsy Crafty, young artist and entrepreneur,
- Kate Laing on the Bravery Mission,
- and Sarmad Iqbal on transitioning from high school to college from Pakistan to the US.

February 2017

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Second (!) edition print. 5.5" by 8.5" size, 44 pages of quality ideas and advice.